Relevant Projects & Links

This is a collection of interesting and relevant projects and initiatives that are related with early school leaving/dropouts.

Stop Dropout!

The Stop Dropout project focuses on finding at-risk individuals, evaluating their needs and providing them with flexible support. It consists of three tools that counsellors and administrators can use at various school levels, educational centres and other institutions. The tools are based on a holistic approach with the focus on the individual and his/her future opportunities.

Link to the Stop Dropout! project website

Link to Stop Dropout! Video

School Inclusion Website

The School Inclusion project intends to identify the strategies developed in the different European countries to combat early school leaving so as to develop a common strategy to prevent the phenomenon. This common strategy should be based on the best practices identified at European level.

Link to the School Inclusion project website.

School Safety Net

The School Safety Net project, funded by the European Commission in the framework of the Lifelong Learning Programme, aims to address the need of European school system to prevent early school leaving. In detail, it focuses on four main issues having a relevant impact on early school leaving, including early identification of students at risk, integration of immigrant students, support to students with learning disabilities, prevention of school bullying.

Link to the School Safety Net project website.

Medidas para Prevenção do Abandono Escolar (Portuguese)

Official Portuguese National Measures 2012 for Preventing School Leaving

Relevant Studies and Publications

Reducing early school leaving: key messages and policy support

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