In-VET project: 1 year of success!


We are pleased to present the second issue of the In-VET Newsletter, intended to introduce and update you of the progress made in the first year of this European project.

In this issue, we introduce you the In-VET Toolkit, available at In-VET Learning and Resource Centre and we challenge you to make part of the In-VET pilot sessions. In detail, in this newsletter you will be able to know more about the risk assessment tool & counselling guidelines and the In-VET training course. All these supports will allow the development and merging of the skills and competences of VET providers and professionals in the identification of trainees at risk of dropping out of the VET system, at an early stage.

Specifically conceived to VET providers and professionals, these materials will be implemented and tested during pilot sessions to be promoted in Portugal, Spain, Italy, Austria and Germany, in the first half of 2015.

All VET institutions, training schools, VET managers, teachers/trainers, tutors and counsellors are invited to participate in the pilot sessions of the In-VET toolkit!

Are you interested to participate in the testing of these high-quality materials? Contact us now!

On behalf of the In-VET partners, we wish you happy reading!