In-VET distinguished as a successful practice by European initiative!

e-solveIn-VET was recognized by E-SOLVE as one of the TOP-50 best-practices for European initiatives dealing with e-learning in Vocational Education and Training.  In detail, E-SOLVE, funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme, aims at “distilling knowledge on Leonardo da Vinci project dealing with e-learning, categorizing them according to several aspects, selecting sectoral good-practices and disseminating them among VET stakeholders throughout Europe” (source: E-SOLVE website).

To celebrate this outcome and demonstrate the results of the project and the exploitation of the results, E-SOLVE partners are organizing a Final Conference taking place in Budapest on 24-25 November 2014 at the central building of the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. For further information about this event, please see here.

In-VET partners are very honored with this recognition and thank all those, which have been involved in the selection process and have expressed their interest in the project, reinforcing its relevance and impact for European VET systems.

Should you wish to receive further information about the In-VET project or even cooperate with the various activities planned for 2015, please visit our project website , Facebook page or simply send us an e-mail. We will be glad to hear from you!